Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I just love the "enthusiasts" who turn their nose up and pick apart every little thing about a new coaster.. good grief, not every coaster has to be an exact duplicate of Magnum XL-200 or El Toro.

I just appreciate coasters for what they are. Heck I can even appreciate Ghoster Coaster at Kings Dominion. I go to a park and enjoy the rides, food, waterpark, shows, and scenery. It's even better when you have friends with you to laugh and ride with. To me, that's what being a true enthusiast is all about.
If a park debuts a flat or a water ride, people whine because it isn't a coaster. If a park debuts a coaster, people whine because it's not as big as they'd hoped. *cue sad violin music*

News flash: Parks cater to a wide audience, not just you. Quit being selfish spoiled brats and just enjoy what the park is spending millions of dollars on.

Don't we know by now as enthusiasts that taller and faster isn't always better? Look at Dragster.. the damn thing barely runs, and we all are aware it's not the best ride at CP.. so why do we expect something of the same caliber whenever a new ride is announced?

Is it really that difficult to just go to a park and enjoy yourself and what they have to offer?

People these days, especially kids and spoiled enthusiasts, feel they are entitled to everything, and when they don't get it, they throw a tantrum. In this economy we should be thankful that parks are building new rides at all. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom slammed its doors in 2009 and hasn't reopened. Look what happened to Geauga Lake, Americana, and Hard Rock Park. That should be enough to tell some people to open their eyes and be happy we have amusement parks around us that are generous enough with their millions to build us a new ride.

Too many people judge before they ride just to sound authoritative, and then it's hilarious when they eat their words on opening day. Wildebeest and Mammoth may look to some to be the same layout (or so one may think), but the probability remains that it will not be the same exact ride. Mammoth and Skyrush are still on paper.. yet people want to act like they've already ridden them, taken the POVs, and gotten the tshirt. 

By the way.. enthusiast rank is not determined by how many coasters you've ridden, it's how you act in a public place. I see many that don't deserve the title.