Wednesday, January 4, 2012

baking cookies :)

Around Christmas 2010, my friend Chelsea had posted on her status that she had baked a few dozen mint chocolate chip cookies. Tom (my boyfriend) had replied with "Keep me away! I'll eat every crumb."
That was what started me on baking.. yes, I'm serious.
Tom loves mint anything, and I wanted to surprise and impress him with a homemade treat. I found a recipe online that was supposed to yield 3 dozen cookies and I ended up with 4 dozen delicious mint chocolate chip cookies that got devoured within a few hours.
Christmas 2011, I made 7 dozen of the same cookies and they disappeared. Everyone loved them.. I was ecstatic.
My mother bought me a cookie cookbook for Christmas 2011. I've discovered, along with my passion for food, that I love baking and giving my homemade treats as gifts or as a compliment to a party. Which by the way I NEVER show up to a party empty handed. I am the type to call the host or hostess and ask if they need anything, I show up early to help clean and set up if they need it, and I always bring a gift in the form of food. I was raised old fashioned and I thank my mom and dad for drilling that into my head, because my efforts never go unappreciated.
There are so many different cookies in that book that are just begging me to make them. I think I will bake the lemon snowflake cookies first.. they sound delicious. I can't give someone something I've made and not watch them take a bite. I want to see their exact reaction. I can't handle seeing someone say they like something I made and then spitting it in the trash.. that is very hurtful. If you don't like it, please tell me. Recipes can be edited to be made better and I appreciate constructive criticism about my cooking.
I love finding passion in life through random everyday functions. I am a food lover all the way through and I love to see what I can make and eat. It's fun and the end result is hopefully tasty. I'll keep you all updated on my baking and cooking journey. :)

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  1. You should totally start a baking blog :) I should give you this recipe I have for pudding chocolate chip cookies... soo good!