Monday, May 23, 2011

random first post!

So I randomly decided to start blogging again. I used to when I was on MySpace, but we all know how fossilized that has become.
Anyway.. I thought this would give better insights into things in my life, and give me more of a chance to really express myself. I feel better when I can write things out.. it's a release and it helps me de-stress and look at situations more subjectively regardless of they are good or bad.

I quit my job today at Speedway. I feel pretty good about it. I wasn't treated well there, at all.. in fact, I have never been treated so badly in my life at any job. I will admit that I do get frustrated at times, but it is not acceptable to get in my face in front of the customers and humiliate me. I was offered a server job at Cracker Barrel and I accepted it. I'm pretty excited about the new work experience.. I know it won't be easy, but there is no greater feeling than the one I have right now, knowing that never again will I have to deal with the drama, the gossip, and the backstabbing that happened daily at my former job. I'm done with that crap! :)

We had some pretty scary weather tonight. Sky turned black and green, the wind went crazy, and the sirens went off. After several minutes of cowering in the basement and the storm had passed, we went outside to see the aftermath. Snapped trees, branches everywhere, and metal flag poles on peoples' porches were bent in half. It turned out to be a bow echo with tornadoes in it.. the very same line of storms that produced the Joplin, MO F5 tornado.

I think I might go to an amusement park sometime this week.. which one, I'm not sure, but it sounds nice. It could either be Cedar Point or Holiday World. Amusement parks are my release too.. they are my passion in life, my getaway from the real world and a great way to have fun.

Well, I would write more, but it's past midnight and I'm tired. I may write again tomorrow.. or whenever the mood strikes. Love you guys and thanks for reading this.

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